Re-Elect Keith Bernard for Ward 7 School Committee

I am a dad, a grandfather and a longtime Ward 7 resident. My lifetime love of learning came from my mom a nurse and educator of special-needs students.

I will continue to work hard representing you on the school committee. I want to listen to your concerns and your hopes for our city’s future: our public schools.


2020 was unprecedented. Many of our neighbors lost their jobs, searched for child care and juggled the challenges of of remote learning, I asked: how I can help? I brought laptops to students who didn’t have access to their remote classrooms. I bought groceries for families in quarantine, unable to leave to leave their homes. I delivered meals to Maldonians with GMAAC and Malden Neighbors. I made time to commit to our community and I want to do more.

Education is a right.

Every student has the right to a comprehensive education that promotes creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. Preparing students for the future isn’t teaching them to pass a test its setting them to be successful innovators and leaders of our community.

Education requires Equity

Equity means supporting the populations that need it most. We should be intentional in hiring diverse teachers that understand our students and the challenges they face. We need to be transparent; including parents, students and the greater Malden community in discussions about how our schools operate.

Education is an Investment

We have to be intentional as well as efficient in distributing the limited resources we’re given. We should explore other sources of income such as grants, and community partnerships to support the programs our kids need to succeed and propel Malden forward.

Contact me

Keith Bernard – (617)605-4341

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